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Online Marketing in 2020 : Six Trends That Might Be Ruling the World of Digital and Online Marketing in 2020

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Online marketing is the newest and the most famous practice today. It is preferred more as these days technology rules the the market. Everyone has some technology or the other. It makes it easier to market on these devices as it catches the public eye more. As this practice gains popularity and familiarity among business owners, there are a few things that one should watch out for and prepare for:

1. AI – Artificial Intelligence Marketing

It is not an unknown fact that artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the world and people are opening up to AI being dominant. AI is significantly useful and more cheaper, it can understand consumer behavior and uses data from various media platforms to make it easier for a customer to under the products or the services that you are selling. Chatbots are a huge example of this. Chatbots are already being used by many international companies like Amazon, companies who need to focus on more important work, hence, leaving the basic communication to the Chatbots. These also help with the complaints and queries of the consumer at any point of time as these are automated and do not require workers. AI is significantly implemented in content creation, product recommendations, ecommerce transactions and so much more. Businesses using AI will cut down on expenses, save time and work even more efficiently and hence, grow.

2. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising means using AI to program ad buying so you can target more definite audiences. This automation makes transactions well-organized and more effective, restructuring the process and combining your digital advertising efforts into one technology platform.

Programmatic platforms have been increasing their inventory and database such that any format and any channel can be retrieved programmatically today.

Online Marketing In 2020
Online Marketing In 2020

It’s altering the face of digital advertising so promptly that, according to eMarketer, 86.2% of digital presentation ads in the U.S. will be programmatic by 2020.

3. Video Marketing

This is one of the most amazing marketing trends prominent today. Adding a video to market your products and services is next to the best thing you can do to boost customer growth as customers will share those videos, promote the products and review them. There have been studies where customers felt more confident for online purchases after looking at these videos. There are so many ways to engage the target customers, so many more ways other than YouTube; there’s video posts, live videos sessions and whatnot. This also helps with the surge of mobile usage that was leading to the decline of long texts and emails that are hard to read. Videos can be watched on any sort of screen, no matter the size.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a modernized word-of-mouth marketing that helps promote your business and expand its reach to different demographics. These influencers are usually social media personalities, but they can be celebrities too. They use their social credentials and standing to promote and get the word out for your business. Since your business is advertised by personalities that people follow and trust, your consumers seem to understand these personalities and are more influenced by them rather than basic corporate advertising. Influencers make the products and services seem more genuine and totally amazing for the consumers. They have a much better hold over people than pure bland advertisements of the corporate. 

It will soon also be affected by Artificial Intelligence as it will help weed out people who have unnecessary fake followers and won’t have the means or the audience that is meant to be targeted. AI will also help in finding authentic influencers so that the business has a positive return on would the investment it makes.

5. Voice Search

Voice Search is an effective way for consumers to search for specific products and fingers without even lifting a finger. With the recent addition of Alexa, and other voice automated technology it’s only for the better if you decide to make sure your business and services turn up in the search when voice searched for. As mentioned earlier, AI is affecting almost everything that’s implemented in digital marketing. Voice search is also being affected by this. It has been reducing errors in different types of voice searches so that consumers get accurate results and won’t have to spend a lot of time on searching. You should always think about the fact that people will be speaking while searching for the specific product or service that they want, so you should make sure you use words and keywords that include those.

6. Privacy Marketing and Website Security

It is granted that in this unsafe cyber generation, people would be getting serious about their information and how private it actually is. People would want to be able to trust your brand with their personal data, and trust that its safe. Brands should be strategic and make sure they research and understand their consumers, developing a good message for good arrangement and developing a good and honest relationship with them.

In 2020, there is an unspecified need of website security. When anyone comes across your website, they have to be sure your website is completely safe for their network and their technology. If it doesn’t feel safe enough, they won’t stick around, lessening your customer base. And since people wouldn’t want to stay on your sites, Google won’t lead anyone there either. Ever since it was declared that any site that has HTTPS is the only site secure enough to tread on. So the least you could do is to seitch on the HTTPS protocol for your site. It will show all your visitors a small secure in the URL. It will ensure your customers get a safe experience and that your that safety matters to them.

It is evident enough through this small guide things are and will keep moving forward whether it is 2020,2021 or any other future year. These will be the most prominent trends in the following year. Make sure you stay ahead of the times and your business doesn’t reach a standstill because of evolution in these trends, because technology will progress and your demographic will keep changing in newer and more exciting ways; making your journey longer and difficult to keep up with.

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AdityaOnline Marketing in 2020 : Six Trends That Might Be Ruling the World of Digital and Online Marketing in 2020

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