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This is Aditya Tomar who held this course would like to welcome you all and congratulate to those who enrolled in the Exponential Business Model Course. This course is for those person(s) or individual(s) who are already running a business or want(s) to start a business. Essentially this course is for those who never contented with their status quo, no matter what level of success they have attained, it’s called passion or entrepreneurial spirit. The individual(s) who steadily looking for ways to grab the new ideas or to scale up their existing business to the next level. 

The best thing to scale up your business by online strategies is that you don’t need to invest a bunch of money. Don’t take it in the wrong way!! You have to invest but that would be MORE your time and LESS money into mastering new strategies, which is much less expensive than hiring a new person or to delegate this work to outside agencies.

In this Exponential Business model course, I am going to unveil the online strategies which will help business owners or individual(s) to scale up their business for bigger profit and more success apace without putting many efforts. 

Why you should go with this Course:

  • The demand for Modern Economy
  • Improve your brand Image
  • To-Do Business 24/7 Low Start-Up Cost
  • To-Do the Branding Beyond the Boundaries
  • To Manage the Business anywhere from the World
  • To Target the Global Market
  • Increase Company Responsiveness
  • This model is way more Environment-Friendly
  • Good Online Networking

Exponential Business model course duration is three (3) days wherein we will cover three (3) different modules which consist of six (6) sub-modules each day. This course cost $9. 

Course detailed description with all the covered topics mentioned below:-

Day 1: Exponential Business Module (EBM)

  • Overview
  • 4 EB Game Plan
  • How EB Work
  • 7 Types Of Business Module
  •  Survey
  • Join Inner Circle

Day 2: Exponential Business Module (EBM)

  • 5 Principles Of EBM
  • 5 Pillar Of EBM
  • 8 Skills Required For EBM
  • 3 Intentions To Be Set
  • 10 Ways To Identify Your Niche
  • Identify Your Role

Day 3: Exponential Business Module (EBM)

  • 5 Top Market Place
  • 2 Recommended Market Place For Entrepreneurs
  • Top Element Of EB
  • Recommended Tools
  • Top Element Of EB
  • Daily 3 Habits
  • EB Model Growth

Not everyone knows about Aditya Tomar and my professional journey with multifaceted businesses. Let me preface first about myself, about my former experience and my forthcoming plans with you, consequently, you would connect with me way better. I intend to share my journey to ensure that whatever the well-defined strategies I am sharing with you, that I have acquired after giving my life’s esteemed 15 years.

I am having 15 years of comprehensive experience with multiple businesses. I had started my career with MNC as an IT Expert and after spending 4 years I started my own IT startup with partnership in 2011 named VcareAll Solution Pvt Ltd. where I am still working as Co-Director and leading the Marketing and IT division prominently. This company caters services into web and mobile apps development.

Simultaneously I am the director of an educational platform named Tuteehub Solutions Pvt Ltd. where we do campus hiring, lateral hirings for the corporates and focus on leaning in various areas. I am running 2 more franchisees from the last 3 years named ‘’Giani Ice Cream’’ and ‘’Basking-Robbins’’ located in different areas of Delhi. 

For a thorough analysis of my profile along with reviews are given by our clients or customers after providing them with our valued services. Please go through my LinkedIn profile Aditya Tomar, my Facebook profile Aditya Tomar and about my Business profile Aditya Tomar.

If you want to learn more about this, then register for my upcoming webinar.


In the LIVE session, I always talk about building exponential business model with autopilot system & take your business into irresistible info products.

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Aditya Tomar

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